Wednesday Trend-Day

I have been craving beef jerky since before Whole Life and I have been unsuccessful in finding a sugar-free and compliant jerky. I’ve also started experimenting with different kinds of meats since WLC and have grown quite fond of more gamey meats like bison and even got to try some venison. So let me just cut to the chase…I found the miracle of paleo/WLC compliant jerkys!


Epic Bar’s Bison Bacon Cranberry

I’m not going to lie, it freaked me out to open it because I nearly expected a protein bar given it’s packaging. Once you can get past the look of it and onto it’s taste, it is heavenly! Epic Bars are gluten-free, full of 11 gram of protein, and grass-fed, so just the sheer excitement of finding this combination in a bar is enough to make you want to buy 5 boxes worth. They have other awesome flavors like beef, habanero, and cherry and turkey, almond, and cranberry. In fact, if you’d like to buy 5 boxes like I will probably do, check out Epic Bars’ website. Not to mention, they have great little tanks and apparel for promoting their product. I’m thinking they would make for great workout shirts!


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