Fur Baby Friday

Meet Bentley. ♥


My beautiful 65 pound, 9 month old golden retriever who I love more than life! My hope for Fur Baby Friday is, first, to limit my Bentley postings to only one day (I’m a very involved dog mom) and also for me to get to know your fur babies as well. I would love to see pictures and stories of how your pets were brought into your life because I know how amazing being a pet parent is! Comment to me your pictures and stories and you might see yourself featured on future friday postings.

Bentley’s homecoming goes like this…

I had the privilege of growing up with goldens my whole life and, in my own bias, believe them to have the cutest and sweetest faces in the whole world. When I moved out on my own, I really considered getting a dog, but knew that I didn’t have enough time or space to be able to handle a puppy on my own. When my boyfriend and I moved in together, although we had busy schedules, we knew we wanted a puppy and we would make the time and rearrange our lives to have a sweet baby of our own. After a lot of searching different websites, calling different phone numbers, and crying over a lot of super cute puppies, I found him :).

(I actually found this exact picture of him!)



I called the owner on a Tuesday and we were not able to go down to Miami to see him until that Friday. The owner let me know that these goldens go very quickly and I told her “if it is meant to be that he be ours, then it will be”. I cried so much that night and couldn’t stop looking at his picture because I wanted him so badly. My boyfriend and I were so certain and had such good feelings about it that we went out the next day and bought some toys and a leash. I told my parents about the goldies I had found and they were interested in getting one from the litter too. Fate had it that they had two little boys left, and I don’t know if it was something I said or if she got a good vibe from us, but the owner held both of them!! I was a mess the Friday when we went to Miami. I was so excited, nervous, anxious, and emotional. We got to take home both of the babies and how wonderful it has been to keep the brothers together.



(Clearly I’m over the moon/partially crying/overjoyed!)

Bentley is on the left and Duncan, my mom’s baby, is on the right

Being a dog mom is the greatest joy in my life. Bentley has taught me patience and so much about myself as a nurturer. I can’t imagine the love I could have for a human baby when I love my fur baby this much.

Send me pictures of your babies! Dogs, cats, any kind of pets…then check back next week (and hopefully you’re reading between then and now) to see if they are featured on my next friday post!


One thought on “Fur Baby Friday

  1. Sandi finch says:

    You are the best dog mommy. Bentley is lucky to have you. I hope you get lots of posts from other dog parents. Looking forward to seeing them.

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