Wednesday Trend-Day

If you follow me on Instagram (or maybe you’ve noticed my obsession with brussel sprouts), you might know that I love cabbage (and anything pickled really) and I am Ukrainian so that makes some sense. Given that information you could probably imagine how much I love sauerkraut, even though it’s German. Kraut has a lot of benefits to a primal/paleo diet given that it is raw and full of yummy probiotics which help our bellies digest and run properly. In my typical mission around the health food store, I usually shoot for Bubbies kraut which is WLC and Whole30 compliant, but I noticed this beautiful packaging of kraut from Farmhouse Culture and had to give it a try. I’m guilty: totally judged the book by it’s cover. 


Kraut is good on pretty much anything in my opinion, but I just packed a tupperware of this as a snack. The caraway seeds in this are delicious and is a good compliment to how tangy the vinegar is. You could put this on sausage, meatloaf, sweet potato, or you could mix it in with some soups or salad. The best part of all is it’s 100% raw, Whole Life Challenge/Whole30 compliant, and you can read the only ingredients in this are green cabbage, caraway seeds, sea salt, and vinegar. Farmhouse Culture has a ton of amazing flavors I can’t wait to try like horseradish leek, smoked jalapeño, ginger beet, kimchi, and garlic dill pickle. I got my pouch at Fresh Market, but you can also order directly from their website here. 


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