Wednesday Trend-Day

I am so excited to post today! I have so many great things for you guys! First of all, of course it is Wednesday Trend-Day…I had so many products that I wanted to share, that I decided to do a mass post with about nine of them. Get ready! 

The reason I’ve chosen these particular products to share is that I am fairly certain that many of the readers of my blog are currently participating, have participated, or are interested in participating in the Whole Life Challenge. All of the products posted below are 100% WLC compliant.



1. La Croix Sparkling Water- Orange: (Pronounced: Luh- K-wah) I could drink this stuff by the gallon. If you’re an avid soda drinker and you’re having trouble making the switch to something more health conscious, this will be your vice. I love the orange flavor and I also really love the coconut and the grapefruit (pample-mousse). If you’re detoxifying from a binge (see my post on this here), add some mint to your La Croix. Delicious and hydrating. Keep in mind that this certainly should not replace actual water, but it is a great soda substitute or if you need some flavor in your beverage. It’s also a really great alcohol substitute if you’re in the mood for a glass of wine or a cocktail. There are a ton of other awesome flavors and these are cheap! You can find them at any grocery store or you can order them here

2. Kirkland’s Organic Ground Beef: For those who say eating organic is incredibly expensive, most of the time you are right. However, there are ways to find affordable organics. For meats, I go to Costco because Andres and I buy in bulk. (We eat a LOT of meat.) This is the best and most affordable option for us. One trip usually lasts us about 3 weeks-4 weeks and we probably spend $150 in one trip, which might sound like a lot, but think about a month’s worth of meat for lunches and dinners! Make sure you’re checking the labels on your meats because not all Kirkland brands are organic or unprocessed. (This is also where I get my bison meat, so check for that as well.) The pack pictured here usually goes for about $4.50 a pound, which is half as expensive as other retailers. 

3. Fresh Market’s Chocolate Coconut Macaron Coffee: I am suuuuuuch a flavored coffee junkie. (Well, coffee junkie in general) My absolute favorite flavored coffee is Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas, but, sadly, it is not compliant due to it’s sugar content. One Fresh Market trip with my friend Chelsea, we discovered this glorious find and it’s WLC approved! I know this is not the only compliant flavored coffee in the store, but it is the only one that I have tried. It’s nutty and light roasted and very good with coconut milk. If you’re looking for a good flavored coffee that is unprocessed, Fresh Market has an excellent selection and coffees are available in bulk or packaged and also whole bean or ground. I bought Andres an electric coffee grinder for his birthday (before you judge me, it was not the only thing I got him…) and we have found coffee to be so much more enjoyable when we freshly grind the beans. I also discovered the coolest thing in my Fresh Market coffee hunt…they have a monthly coffee club! You can sign up to receive a certain amount of bagged coffees for one monthly price! Some options sound a bit pricey, but if you drink a lot of coffee, it might be a nice option for you. Don’t have a Fresh Market at your disposal? Check them out here

4. MaraNatha Roasted Almond Butter – Creamy: I have never been a huge almond butter fan and I have found it very difficult to make the switch from peanut butter. This particular almond butter is my very favorite and we buy these in bulk from Costco as well. When Andres started eating primal, he noticed himself losing a lot of weight due to a decrease in intake of starchy carbohydrates and spoke with our awesome trainer Chris about what he should do. He wanted to continue to eat paleo, because he felt really great but wanted to gain muscle and keep weight on. Chris’ recommendation was to eat a ton of good fatty oils and nut butters. I buy about 4 of these suckers a month because Andres takes one whole container to work with him everyday. (I also can’t help but be slightly bitter that Andres’ problem is keeping weight on…must be a nice problem to have!) If you want these in bulk, which I highly suggest, these are available at Costco. However, if you don’t have a membership, many grocery stores carry this brand as well. Be on the lookout for those pesky processed ingredients! MaraNatha only has roasted almonds and salt. 

5. Carribbean Sunshine Jamaican Jerk Sauce: I really miss sauces on WLC and I really miss A1 Sauce on my steaks and burgers. I actually found this brand of jerk sauce by chance at Publix last week and was so happy to find the ingredients were all compliant! When Andres and I went to Jamaica we ate at Mamma Marley’s and had the most incredible jerk pork with rice and peas and I can’t wait to try and re-create a paleo version with this awesome sauce. I found this in the ethnic food aisle at my grocery store. It’s made out of Pompano Beach, FL which is super close to us so I love being able to support local companies. You can order from their website here for only $1.99!

6. Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Aminos: Can I just say that I am totally comfortable and okay with never using soy sauce again? Coconut aminos are so fantastic, I’m really not sure why I hadn’t discovered it prior to WLC. I use this on so many of my recipes like my Paleo Pad Thai. This stuff can get a little expensive at about $5 an 8oz bottle and I wish I knew somewhere I could buy it in bulk. You can order it and many other Coconut Secret products on Amazon.  

7. Kerrygold Grass-Fed Pure Irish Butter: It makes me happy that I can eat real food and keep butter in my diet. Love this stuff and I love how accessible it is. I buy this in bulk at Costco or if I need a couple of Garlic and Herb sticks or just a small container, I grab it at Publix. 

8. Coconut Secret Coconut Flour: I am so excited that this company sells coconut flour because I would’ve been buying it a lot sooner! It’s much cheaper than Bob’s Red Mill which is what I usually get and I just made this incredible paleo banana bread with it that I can’t wait to share! (It needs to be boyfriend approved before I post it!)

9. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce – Original: I never really liked spicy foods until I started to eat paleo a few years ago. This is definitely the sauce to get, although I really wish Frank’s Buffalo Sauce was compliant too :(. This is just as good and works as a great dipping sauce for paleo chicken nuggets or some of my paleo meatloaf. 


Do you use any of the products I have here? What other compliant things do you love?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Trend-Day

  1. Erica says:

    I love seltzer water! For an alternative to buying La Croix at Publix, I buy Polar Seltzer water at BJ’s Club for 24 cans at 6.99. That’s almost as much as I pay for one 12 pack of La Croix at Publix! It is an awesome deal and you get a variety of 4 of their different flavors! here is a link to their all natural ingredients.

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