Wednesday Trend-Day (& some extra fun updates!)

Hello loyal, wonderful blog readers πŸ™‚ My usual frequent postings have dwindled to about once a week this past week! School is in full swing and I am feeling the stress, but trying to keep my eating as effective as possible. Before I tell you about my trend for this week, I want to fill you in on all my happenings!

I (accidently) outted my wonderful friend Chelsea’s fitness/food blog on my Instagram, so since I’ve already embarrassed myself in that light, I will continue to obnoxiously support her (maybe against her wishes) on my blog πŸ™‚



I probably don’t even have to tell you how hilarious and talented she is. You’ll be able to see for yourself! Check out more awesome paleo/primal recipes and follow her fitness journey here. SPEAKING of Chelsea’s great blog, I made her recipe for Sweet Potato Frittata and it was absolutely delicious. I added ground italian sausage to mine and it was to die for. In fact, I had it for dinner and then ate leftovers for breakfast the next day! It reheats perfectly and Andres scarfed it down.


Memorial Day Weekend was so much fun that I have found myself desperately trying to relive it during my work week. (yawn.) I was academically productive which is always nice and Andres and I both had Monday off which meant we got to participate in our gym’s annual Memorial Day Murph WOD. Thanks to an awesome group of girls who pushed me along the way, I finished in 52:11 and about dragged my lifeless body through that last mile. Did any of you Crossfitters or HEWers do Murph last weekend?


It was a really great time and I loved seeing our gym so packed. Needless to say, my legs and arms are shot and I haven’t stopped hobbling around in my heels at work, nor have stairs or sitting on the toilet felt all that great.

After our crazy WOD, we decided we had earned some beers and BBQ and had some really awesome people over to celebrate. We even stuck with our diets and used some Tessamae’s BBQ sauce, campfire sweet potatoes, grilled pineapple, incredible fresh caught Mahi from friends of ours, Applegate hot dogs, and burgers. Some non-compliant deliciousness included mimosas, beers, and (the boys’ favorite) strawberries and blueberries soaked in Fireball whiskey.




My beautiful friends and my favorite grill master πŸ˜‰

Okay, onto the trend! On my way to work today I wanted to stop and grab a kombucha so I went to Fresh Market. (I swear Fresh Market doesn’t pay me to advertise for them. It’s just a 5 minute ride from my office!) I was in the mood for a sweet snack, so I picked up a Pecan Pie Larabar and, alas, on my way to the register I saw these beautiful containers of coconut dusted dates (WHAT!?)


I will not even TRY and pretend like $5.99/lb is an acceptable price for these suckers, but, man, they are good. (Just not to be eaten in handfuls!) In my defense, those sneaky Fresh Market employees turned all the labels around and I had already started salivating before I saw the price, so I was done for. If you’re on Whole Life or just looking for a compliant sweet snack, check these out. Don’t be intimidated by the bulk section in this store. Typically, I get coconut flakes in bulk for serioulsyΒ $1.75 in a container this size. (I also realized that you can get to-go coffee from Fresh Market for $1! Now they need to step their almond milk game up.)

What’s your favorite natural foods market or grocery store? I want to know about others in different states! I am a deprived health-food lover in Florida, so I need suggestions on places to visit πŸ™‚





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