Wednesday Trend-Day

Hello hello! I am fully caffeinated and ready to knock out a ton of homework and reading tonight (and hopefully some cooking too). Last weekend I had two back to back 8 hour classes on Saturday and Sunday, but luckily packed lots of goodies for lunches and snacks and even better that there is a Whole Foods directly across from my school so I can get my kombucha fix. I don’t know if anyone has had this experience, but I have found kombucha to be incredibly energizing. I feel like this might have a lot to do with how the probiotics are healing my tummy, but after I had a lavender kombucha on Sunday I was so awake and rejuvenated! Not sure why that is, but certainly don’t hate it, so I’ll go with it.

In one of my WF trips, I discovered this magical packaging in the produce section:

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If you love beets as much as I do (which is probably impossible), these are incredible. I chose the organic beets in vinegar and they are so wonderfully tart and sour with a little ping of sweetness. They had other flavors that were not WLC or Whole30 compliant, but they also had some that were, so check them up. I really want to try their beets infused in white wine and balsamic and the sweetfire marinade beets. (I’m drooling). Their company Love Beets also makes beet juice and vaccuum-sealed beets for snacking and cooking.

// Some random updates for you…

I have lots of friends from my gym that are currently doing Whole Life (I am not-but will be during the next round). I’ve been dying to have a Wine and Cheese party with some of my girlfriends for quite some time, so we planned one! I can’t wait to share pictures and recipes. Not everything will be paleo, but that’s life, right? We don’t have wine and cheese parties everyday so it will certainly be nice to have everyone together.

On July 7th I made my appointment with an amazing tattoo artist to finally add to my piece sign on the back of my neck. I will be adding a hamsa with the peace sign instead of the evil all-seeing eye. I, of course, will be sharing pictures of that. If you’re in South Florida or don’t mind making the drive, Andres got his tattoo here and they are incredible artists. Aces High in West Palm Beach.

Bentley is going to be celebrating his first birthday next month! I can’t believe it. I’ve been slacking on my Fur Baby Friday posts, but I will be making up for that shortly. He is doing really well and is playful and lovey as ever.

I’ve been thinking a lot about adding a craft beer component to my blog. It’s something I enjoy very much and Andres and I have plans to start brewing our own in the fall. We are very much into the craft beer scene and love supporting local brewing companies. Lucky for us, we have some top line breweries at our disposal and our favorite brewery just down the street from our house (Due South Brewing). I think this could be pretty valuable for those of you in the South Florida area who aren’t aware of some of the awesome hole-in-the-wall beer places, so I’m going to test it out. Let me know your thoughts 🙂